Quarantined Uruguayan footballer escapes hotel blaze via window


An Uruguayan footballer, who was in hotel quarantine, was seen dangling himself from the window of his 11th-floor room to escape a blaze early Tuesday.

The Rentistas player told local media that, at first, he did not notice the smoke in his room because he had lost his sense of smell due to COVID-19 and only tried to escape when he saw flames, ESPN reported.

Buenos Aires City Hall released a video, which showed a man hanging from the window of his room for several seconds as firefighters used a crane to pull him to safety.

Midfielder Francisco Duarte had tested positive for COVID-19 along with teammates Andres Rodales and Damian Malrechauffe on their arrival in Argentina to face Racing Club de Avellaneda in the Copa Libertadores.

Rentistas, who went on to lose their match with Racing 3-0 later on Tuesday, tweeted that Duarte was in "perfect condition" following the incident.

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