News Policies

Fact-checking Policy

All members of ARN’s broadcast teams have a journalistic responsibility to ensure our stories are accurate, comprehensive and fair. News stories are based on the presentation of facts. Writers, reporters and anchors determine the sequence and style of how those facts are presented by prioritizing the information they gather. ARN news should answer all questions (the 5 W’s and ‘hows’) in a balanced and objective way. Our job is to report opinions, not express them. ARN News is committed to achieving accuracy in all its online, radio, social media and video content. This commitment to accuracy is fundamental to our reputation and the trust of our readers and listeners. When covering news stories, our articles must be well-sourced, based on proper evidence, and corroborated. ARN News commits to verifying all statistics and technical information by cross-checking with the source, documents and/or clearly stating the source of the information. This sometimes involves seeking the comments of an expert or the primary source of the information.

Ethics Policy

At ARN News Centre, we pride ourselves on being regarded as the authority when it comes to local news. We always strive not only to achieve but to raise the journalistic benchmark. We pride ourselves on being accurate, credible and authoritative and aim to provide informed, accurate and quality news around the clock.

  • Impartiality
    Our News Reporters and Readers strive to get both sides of every story. We always give individuals and organisations the right to reply before publishing or airing an article related to them.
  • Accuracy
    Our News Reporters and Readers are expected to be as accurate as possible, getting facts from verifiable sources. Our team makes it clear when it cannot corroborate certain information and ensures that readers and listeners are informed of the same. All interviews are recorded; all interviewees are informed when their comments will be recorded. We do not alter an interview when it is transcribed. ARN News uses anonymous sources only when there is a strong reason to do so and will always identify the reason for doing so.
  • Respect to Privacy
    ARN News is aware of the impact of its words and images on the lives of others. If we promise to protect a source’s identity, we protect the identity of that source.
  • Accountability
    We hold ourselves accountable. Corrections are published when errors are discovered. 
  • Properly sourced Photos/Video content
    We always credit the source of our images and videos. We subscribe to credible and established News and Stock image sites that are credited in our posts.
  • Bylines
    Bylines are used on all articles that are purely original reporting. We typically use ‘by ARN News Staff’ on any article that is a police report or a reworked news release.

Corrections Policy

ARN News welcomes any complaints about potential errors in articles that could possibly need correction. Comments and messages on news coverage can be e-mailed to When an error is detected within an article, ARN News will immediately work to find the correct information and will clearly display corrections wherever possible within the article.