Dubai Customs launches voluntary declaration initiative

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Dubai Customs has created a “Voluntary Disclosure System” to enable clients to disclose prior errors made when declaring information in customs declarations, abide by procedural requirements, and facilitate paying resulting customs dues.

The system aims to improve compliance among clients by allowing them to voluntarily report any errors or violations in their customs declarations.

The policy offers companies the opportunity to potentially avoid or mitigate fines associated with unintentional customs violations if they disclose these issues before they are detected by Dubai Customs officials.

It applies to a wide range of violations including import/export discrepancies, customs declaration errors, transit and warehouse violations, and other infractions under Dubai Customs' supervision.

Clients are required to submit a formal disclosure statement through electronic channels provided by Dubai Customs and Dubai Trade. This statement must detail the nature of the violation and adhere to specific conditions outlined in the policy.

Companies may benefit from either partial or complete waiver of customs fines, depending on the severity and timing of the disclosure.

The Customs Audit Department will oversee the implementation and interpretation of the policy's provisions, ensuring consistent application across all cases.

Dubai Customs emphasised the introduction of the Voluntary Disclosure System aims not only to streamline customs processes but also to foster a compliance-focused culture among businesses. 

By encouraging proactive error reporting, the initiative seeks to enhance operational efficiency and maintain high standards of regulatory compliance within the UAE's customs.

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