UAE calls for 'lasting peace' following attack on Odesa


The UAE has stressed the need to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure after Russia carried out air strikes on ports and grain-storage facilities in Odesa.

The UAE’s Deputy Permanent Representative and Ambassador to the UN Security Council Mohamed Abushahab reiterated the call "on the parties to abide by their obligations under international humanitarian law to ensure the protection of civilians and civilian infrastructure".

During the UN Security Council meeting concerning Odesa, he stressed: "Civilian objects must never be the target of attack.

“We reiterate today that we must exert all efforts to bring this war to adjust lasting peace that is in line with the UN Charter and respect Ukraine’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity."

The damage and destruction to critical infrastructure in Ukraine is estimated to be in the billions of US dollars, with UNESCO verifying damage to 270 cultural sights since the beginning of the war.

Since February 2022, nearly 25,000 civilian casualties have been recorded in Ukraine, including more than 9,000 killed and close to 16,000 injured.

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