'Giving Caravan' launched in Abu Dhabi


The Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) has launched the 'Giving Caravan' to provide comprehensive humanitarian care to the public until Sunday, February 18, in Al Selaa City, Abu Dhabi.

The caravan's activities will give the public access to various facilities, which include 20 specialised clinics offering their medical services free of charge and 15 government and private agencies.

Emirates Red Crescent has outlets to display and sell its products, and the proceeds go back to helping these families meet their requirements and improve their lives.

The caravan also includes educational activities to raise awareness and distribute medical devices and supplies to people with chronic diseases.

In his speech during the inauguration of the convoy, Mohammed Jassim Al Mazrouei, Director of the Red Crescent Centre in the Al Dhafra Region, said, "We saw that this initiative would be comprehensive and diverse, with other activities to provide assistance and medical devices to the targeted people, and to achieve this goal efficiently. A field survey was conducted in the area targeted by the campaign to identify the people's actual needs, determine priorities, and meet the requirements, especially in the areas included in the campaign, and an ambitious plan was developed to strengthen these areas."

Al Mazrouei stressed that the "Giving Caravan" comes as an extension of the previous campaigns carried out by the Authority in the Al Dhafra region in recent years, which achieved great success in supporting them, which prompted the Authority to move forward with this approach that establishes a new phase of expansion of the Authority's programmes on a local level.

Mohammed Al Fardan, Head of the Wealth Department at the Investment Bank, who delivered a speech as the strategic partner of the Giving Caravan, thanked the Red Crescent Authority, the humanitarian arm of the UAE, for providing the opportunity to participate in its humanitarian ventures and initiatives both inside and outside the country.

At the end of his speech, Al Fardan stressed that the Investment Bank will spare no effort to support the Red Crescent's initiatives and will not fail to perform its national and social role and humanitarian duty.

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