All you need to know: Dubai's new traffic fines


A major campaign is being rolled out by Dubai Police to raise awareness of the amended rules on vehicle impoundment in the emirate.

The authority said that the changes are aimed at protecting lives and property and enhancing overall traffic safety measures.

The amendments include stricter penalties for releasing impounded vehicles, especially for violations committed by drivers who endanger their lives and the lives of others by participating in races, performing stunts, deliberately jumping red traffic lights and driving with fake or without licence plates.

Each case will be presented to a specialised committee in the General Department of Traffic before applying the fines.

The fine for releasing an impounded vehicle for these violations is AED 50,000:

  • Jumping red lights
  • Driving with fake or obscured number plates
  • Deliberately colliding with police cars
  • Allowing individuals under 18 to drive vehicles
  • Gathering to watch or participate in illegal races

Meanwhile, there's an AED 10,000 fine for releasing impounded vehicles involved in these offences:

  • Driving without licence plates
  • Gathering or crowding to watch races or vehicle stunts
  • Exceeding the permissible window tinting limit for vehicles

The remaining six grounds for impounding vehicles include:

  • Participating in road races without prior permission from the police - AED 100,000 fine
  • Riding recreational motorcycles on paved roads - AED 50,000 fine
  • Driving recklessly in a way that endangers lives, property and public safety - AED 50,000 fine
  • Making changes to the vehicle to increase its speed or noise level - AED 10,000 fine
  • Evading the police - AED 10,000 fine
  • Vehicles with fines exceeding AED 6,000 will be impounded and released only upon payment of all accumulated fines

The awareness campaign, running for over seven weeks will reach out to the public through various online and print media outlets, as well as through strategic partners of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), driving institutes, petrol station screens, the Dubai Police HQ screens, Al Ameen's billboards, emails, through the 'On-the-Go' initiative, billboards in residential areas and the 'Dubai Now' app.

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