New breakthrough could lead to lower saturated fats,in popular foods


New research has found a promising method to decrease the content of saturated fat, sugar and salt in popular food items, without sacrificing flavour.

This breakthrough could play a significant role in addressing the global problem of obesity and related health issues.

Scientists discovered that cheese could be made with 85 per cent of saturated fat substituted by beta-glucan, a pro-health ingredient, while reducing sugar and salt content considerably as well. This doesn't only allow individuals to maintain healthier diets but also caters to those with specific dietary restrictions.

Furthermore, the initiative also extends to products like chocolate and burgers.

A novel technology was used to create a structure similar to commercial burgers, but with 50 per cent less fat and added fiber. Simultaneously, scientists have managed to develop dark chocolate sweetened with natural sugars from fruit juices, contributing to a 50 per cent sugar reduction.

The researchers underlined that the new products passed stringent taste tests and showed no significant sensory difference compared to the regular versions. Users reported no noticeable disparities in flavour, texture and overall enjoyment of these foods, indicating a significant leap towards healthier alternatives that don’t force consumers to compromise on taste.

These findings could bring about a shift in the food manufacturing industry, assisting them to answer growing demands for healthier food without losing customer satisfaction.

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