Emirates confirms more layoffs


Emirates has confirmed that it was laying off more employees.

In a statement, the airline said that while it was doing everything possible to retain jobs, the pandemic significantly impacted business.

It added that it simply could not sustain excess resources, and had to ensure the size of its workforce was in line with reduced operations. 

Here’s the full statement: 

“As previously communicated, we at Emirates have been doing everything possible to retain the talented people that make up our workforce for as long as we can. However, given the significant impact that the pandemic has had on our business, we simply cannot sustain excess resources and have to right size our workforce in line with our reduced operations. After reviewing all scenarios and options, we deeply regret that we have to let some of our people go. This was a very difficult decision and not one that we took lightly. The company is doing everything possible to protect the workforce wherever we can. Where we are forced to take tough decisions we will treat people with fairness and respect. We will work with impacted employees to provide them with all possible support.”

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