Etihad Airways unveils new partnership with Armani/Casa


Etihad Airways has partnered with Armani/Casa to deliver a luxury travel experience for its premium fliers.

Launching in December, ‘The Constellation Collection’ and offers a "beyond Business" experience for Etihad’s guests

Exclusively designed by celebrated designer Giorgio Armani, the range is embellished with a unique geometric pattern that's inspired by the stars.

It will include a new dining service featuring ceramics, glassware, cutlery and serving ware, as well as premium textiles for a completely luxurious inflight experience. 

The partnership is described as "setting an elevated new benchmark for the aviation industry", 

Tony Douglas, Group Chief Executive Officer of Etihad, said "Armani/Casa is the ideal brand partner to create an unparalleled level of bespoke service and refinement for our guests".

Redefining Business class travel

The dining service features refined silhouettes with elevated contemporary finishes, mixed materials and embossed patterns. The use of multiple textures represents the cultural diversity of the UAE. The colour palette reflects the surroundings of Abu Dhabi; dark green inspired by the region’s date palm trees, aquamarine representing the beauty of the mangroves and slate to symbolise the modernity of the iconic Abu Dhabi skyline.

The signature cutlery is elegantly tactile with patterned handles bringing the unmistakable Armani/Casa experience directly to the guest. 

The collection is designed in line with the airline’s commitment to sustainability. Durable, high-quality material and innovative designs have reduced equipment weight by up to 10%, resulting in less fuel burn and fewer emissions. 

The premium textiles range brings together one of the world’s most renowned luxury lifestyle brands with premium materials for the ultimate rest. A matching pillowcase and duvet set feature Armani/Casa signature designs to further enhance the Business class turn-down experience. Guests on longer flights will also benefit from the airline’s new innovative memory foam mattress, providing additional comfort to the fully-flat bed in Business.

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