FIFA hails historic deal between UAE and Israeli Football Associations


Gianni Infantino, the President of football's world governing body, FIFA, said the new agreement between the UAE and Israeli Associations is one of the most important moments in the game's history.

The UAE and Israeli Football Associations signed the deal in Dubai on Monday.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, President of the UAE Football Association, described it as an important step in strengthening relations with Israel and other countries.

Al Nuaimi extended his gratitude to Infantino for attending as well as for his support. "This is what we want to show to the world, and we will work with the Israeli Association to make the agreement a success," he added.

Infantino praised it as an historic and iconic day, and one of the most important moments in football history. He said, "This agreement is close to my heart and I am proud of my presence. I also thank the UAE and Israeli Associations for this giant step."

In addition, he pointed out that he witnessed the peace agreement in the White House between the UAE and Israel. "Today we're living the same history, and this is the first step in building a new relationship between two great countries in football," he added.

Infantino expressed his gratitude to the UAE, for giving "our children that important step to build relationships of peace and true love for the future".

For his part, Oren Hasson, President of the Israeli Football Association, said that coming to the ceremony was a "dream two months ago and now it has turned into reality, and we are happy with this step. I am calling on everyone to visit Tel Aviv to build strong relations and let future generations know that football unites peoples and is a common language of peace."

Under the agreement, both countries will take part in friendly matches, set up workshops and launch development initiatives.

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