Global Village is getting decked out for festive season


Global Village is set to turn into a winter wonderland this festive season where visitors will be greeted by Santa and his little helpers, the elves, until January 4.

The multicultural family attraction is taking the snowy theme to the next level, once again welcoming the giant elves, who will guard the festive tree and make sure Santa knows who will be on the good list this year.

This 21-metre-high festive tree will be decorated by baubles, candy canes, red stockings, fairy lights and gift boxes and protected by the mighty gingerbread cookie fence.

Guests are invited to take pictures under the beautifully lit and decorated Celebration Walk arches. Additionally, light poles will carry festive cookies and hats in all shapes and sizes, lighting up the path.

Visitors can also look forward to the newly launched Mini World featuring 25 miniature replicas of famous landmarks from around the world.

The night can be capped off visiting Global Village’s guest of honour Santa, and enjoying performances by his 12 dancing elves.

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