Emirates Nature-WWF launches ‘Nature’s Resilience’ series


Emirates Nature-WWF has launched its second free summer training series called ‘Nature’s Resilience’ to enhance the UAE public's knowledge and enjoyment of nature and the environment.

Organised as part of the Leaders of Change programme, the series equips nature-lovers and change-makers with information on environmental issues and conservation solutions that contribute towards a sustainable future.

Through 10 sessions, Nature’s Resilience offers a virtual exploration of the rich tapestry of life in the UAE. From the expansive desert sands and hidden oases to freshwater habitats and coastal regions, participants will get to know local nature like never before and learn about the intricate link between biodiversity, climate change and our own well-being.

Through an interactive series of masterclasses and expert-led workshops, participants will gain understanding of the importance of biodiversity conservation and sustainable stewardship practices, mitigating climate change and preserving the UAE’s natural heritage.

In addition, they will learn how they can support environmental experts and local conservation efforts. Participants who complete a minimum of seven sessions will earn a certificate recognszing their commitment to environmental conservation in the UAE.

The series builds upon the popularity and success of last year’s Climate and Nature Series, which upskilled nearly 1,000 individuals on key environmental issues and achieved an exceptional satisfaction rating of 98 per cent. Participants took part in seven events that were led by experts and guests from Emirates Nature-WWF, the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi and other organisations, contributing a total of 1,224 hours for nature.

The focus this year will be on UAE’s unique biodiversity spotlighting rare and endangered species, pollinators, migratory and resident birds, and desert dwellers who play an invaluable role in keeping their respective natural ecosystems healthy and functional.

“We are delighted to launch the Nature’s Resilience series, which builds upon the success of last summer’s climate training series. Over ten weeks, we will explore the magnificent diversity of life that has adapted to thrive in UAE’s arid deserts, rocky mountainsides, winding wadis and vibrant coastal lagoons – and how we can safeguard these beautiful, fragile places and the wildlife that calls them home,” explained Arabella Willing, Head of Conservation Outreach and Citizen Science at Emirates Nature-WWF.

“This series is very action-oriented, and it prepares the community to drive positive impact through citizen science and conservation field trips which will resume after the summer.”

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