4,000 drones to light up Dubai World Cup finale


A stunning visual spectacle awaits those attending the closing ceremony of the 28th Dubai World Cup on Saturday.

The latest in drone, laser and lighting technology will be used during the grand finale at Meydan Racecourse in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record.

"As many as 4,000 specialised drones will be used to perform a unique pyrotechnic load alongside LED lights, offering an impressive 33-minute flight time for dynamic 3D sculptures in the sky," the Dubai Racing Club (DRC) said in a statement.

About 125 of the world's elite horses from 14 countries will compete in the Dubai World Cup evening races that carry a total prize money of $30.5 million.

Major General Dr. Mohammed Essa Al Adhab, Executive Director of DRC, said: "The Dubai World Cup is well-known for a spectacular closing show and we are working with our partners to make this one better than ever.

"I can say that those attending the 30th March race evening can expect to see something they haven’t seen before!"

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