UAE scores high in food security index

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The UAE is ranked among the most food-secure nations in the world, according to the Global Food Security Q2 2022 report.

The Emirates came first among Arab countries and 19th globally in the 'Food System and Economic Resilience' ranking, as per the report compiled by Deep Knowledge Analytics.

Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Qatar are the only Arab countries in the top quartile of 'Access to Food' ranking within the index.

The study, which assessed the drivers of food insecurity in 2022 found that the global food system has been destabilized by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The United States tops the ranking with 7.9 points out of 10 while Sub-Saharan and MENA region countries dominate the bottom quartile of the Food Security Index, with Somalia scoring the lowest at 2.97 points out of 10.

These countries have not demonstrated the capacity to build food security through national policies and are affected by conflicts (northern Nigeria, Yemen, Burkina Faso and Niger), by weather conditions such as consecutive seasons of drought (Kenya, South Sudan and Somalia) and by economic shocks.

The report concluded that developed, food-secure countries will not face hunger, but the deficit of certain food products and high inflation will be felt.

Commenting on the findings, Alex Cresniov, Director of Deep Knowledge Analytics said: "The role of technology in achieving global food security is more important than ever. AI and real-time monitoring will be helpful to tackle food security issues by enabling companies to develop food management solutions to optimize manufacturing processes and supply chain operations."

"Devising a food security strategy to counter issues of domestic food insecurity must be considered by governments across the world, especially during such times of uncertainty," Alex added.

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