UAE residents planning longer summer getaways: Survey


Around three in five people in the UAE are planning longer summer vacations of 14 days or more this year, according to a survey by internet-based travel agency

The remaining respondents said they are planning multiple shorter trips over the next few months.

Speaking to Dubai Eye 103.8's Business Breakfast, Chief Strategy and Digital Officer for Musafir, Trupt Shah, highlighted that people are ready for a getaway as most countries ease COVID restrictions.

He added that rising costs mean travellers are considering different options in terms of where they will go and who they choose to get there with. 

Shah said with inflationary pressures being felt across the globe will mean people will spend more on holiday, compared to comparable periods before the pandemic. 

Meanwhile, despite the majority of respondents to the survey saying they are planning a longer trip this summer, it's unlikely we'll see a drop in visitors in Dubai over the next few months.

Dubai continues to prove to be a year-round holiday destination, and that's not going to change, Shah added.

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