FAB opens Jakarta office to support MENA-Indonesia trade


First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) today announced the opening of a representative office in Jakarta to facilitate the trade and investment flows between the UAE, GCC and Asia.

FAB Indonesia aims to support bank customers, build a relationship between the public and private sector while cementing government-to-government strategic partnerships.

"FAB’s new representative office in Jakarta follows our Group’s international growth strategy and will support our clients, the UAE, wider GCC and Egypt’s international trading ties. As the largest economy in South-East Asia and a strategically important trading partner for our region, Indonesia is a growing destination for UAE investment abroad, and one with great future potential. Through our representative office, FAB will support and further enhance bilateral trade and economic relations,” André Sayegh, Group Chief Executive Officer, FAB, said.

This new office complements the bank’s wholesale branch in Singapore, which offers world-class financial products and services to clients operating in the Asia Pacific region.

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