UAE distributes food to displaced families in Khan Younis


In line with the United Arab Emirates' ongoing commitment to supporting displaced Palestinian families, its humanitarian initiative "Chivalrous Knight 3" has distributed essential food supplies to thousands of families affected by conflict, scarcity of aid, and a shortage of basic necessities.

The humanitarian effort aims to alleviate their suffering amid the devastating impacts of war and its severe humanitarian consequences.

The Chivalrous Knight 3 operation provided a range of essential food items, including chicken, fresh vegetables, bread, dates, and comprehensive food parcels to support needy displaced families in Khan Younis.

The relief campaign reached 9,000 beneficiaries, providing much-needed support to displaced families in desperate need of food. The effort aims to alleviate their suffering amidst the challenging conditions in the stricken sector, where accessing basic necessities has become increasingly difficult.

The UAE is striving to assist as many displaced individuals as possible in the Gaza Strip by providing crucial humanitarian aid. This effort aims to mitigate the catastrophic situation resulting from the cessation of aid, which has heightened the risk of a widespread famine impacting the entire population of the Strip, according to estimates from international relief organizations.

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