UAE condemns Israel's 'collective punishment' policy


The UAE has expressed solidarity with the people of Palestine and condemned "Israel's policy of collectively punishing the Palestinian people and its attempts to displace them".

Speaking at a high-level ministerial meeting convened on the sidelines of the 75th anniversary of the Geneva Declaration on Human Rights, UAE’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Jamal Jama Al Musharakh affirmed that the country is committed to collaborating with international parties to achieve an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, to restore peace, prevent loss of lives and protect civilians. 

He emphasised that the UAE stands in solidarity with the people of Palestine, and continues to provide humanitarian aid for the people impacted by the conflict. 

Apart from the aid shipments, the UAE has also established a fully-equipped field hospital in the Gaza Strip, and flown wounded civilians from Gaza for treatment in the UAE.

The UAE also organised a trip to the crossing with a delegation of UN Security Council members, to provide insights into the dire humanitarian situation.

In his closing statement, Al Musharakh reiterated the UAE's permanent and historic commitment to support the Palestinian people in achieving all its legitimate rights, and a road map for a two-state solution.

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