Sharjah charity's Ramadan campaign helps 250,000 worldwide


Sharjah Charity International's (SCI) Ramadan Iftar project, operating in 43 countries worldwide throughout the holy month, has reached over 250,000 beneficiaries, the charity said on Thursday.

Those benefitting include significant numbers in Egypt (20,000), Bahrain (10,000), Ethiopia (6,000), India (15,000), Malawi (7,000), Jordan (4,000), Bosnia (5,000), Pakistan (4,000), Afghanistan (4,000), Morocco (4,000), and Brazil (2,000), among others.

Mohammed Abdulrahman Al-Ali, Director of Project Management and External Aid of SCI, commended the role of the project as part of the association's annual Ramadan assistance programmes to support individuals in adversity.

He highlighted the participation of fasting individuals across the nations during Ramadan, and said the project specifically targets both citizens and residents, with a special focus on refugees in camps.

Al-Ali added that the meals distributed are carefully planned to include essential nutritional elements and are tailored to meet the dietary preferences of each region.

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