Salik to manage paid parking system at Dubai Mall

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Dubai's toll gate operator Salik is set to manage and operate a barrier-free parking system at Dubai Mall.

This will feature automatic fee collection for ticketless parking, using car plate recognition to deduct fees from the Salik user accounts of vehicles.

The system is expected to be operational by the third quarter of 2024, with the charges and Salik’s expected revenue to be determined after Emaar Malls finalises the business rules for this project.

It's the first time that Salik will be diversifying its revenue outside of toll gates.

In a statement, the company said that its high penetration rate, with over 2 million registered active accounts and 4 million active vehicles, means that no major customer acquisition is needed because over 90 per cent of Dubai vehicles are already registered.

Salik will be responsible for designing, financing, developing, installing and managing the parking management system, while Dubai Mall will provide the required local infrastructure, office space and car park maintenance.

"The project is important for the company’s strategy to offer sustainable and smart mobility solutions to drivers in Dubai, as well as our objective to diversify into complementary revenue streams," said Ibrahim Sultan Al Haddad, Chief Executive Officer and Board Member of Salik Company.

"Salik is ideally placed to provide this seamless and convenient customer journey, with the solution eliminating the need for gates or barriers at Dubai Mall, helping to minimise congestion and traffic for the customers," he added.

"We're pleased to see that parking will be easier and more user-friendly with the introduction of Salik's transportation solution and expertise. We believe that this initiative will not only meet, but also exceed, our guests' expectations," said Ahmed Almatrooshi, Emaar Properties Executive Board Member and General Director of Emaar Foundation.

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