Here's how you can suggest names for Dubai roads


The public can now propose names for roads and streets in Dubai through a dedicated online platform.

Suggestions can be submitted via the portal, supervised by Dubai Municipality.

The initiative is aimed at reviving heritage names and those that reflect national identity and the emirate’s social and cultural characteristics.

The Dubai Road Naming Committee has devised a method for proposing names based on specific classifications that include names linked to Arabic and Islamic design and architecture, along with those connected to art and culture.

It will also take into account names of local flora and fauna, archaeological sites, gemstones, as well as those related to environmental sustainability, inventions, modern technology and artisans and their tools.

The trial phase of the initiative saw streets in Al Khawaneej 2 area being named after local trees and flowers, such as Ghaf, Sidr, Reehan, Faghi, Samer and Shreesh.

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