Full inspections of Dubai private schools paused for 2024-25

Envato Photostock [For Illustration]

Dubai private schools will not undergo full inspections during the 2024-25 academic year, except for new schools completing their third year of operation. Old schools can still request a full inspection online.

The move comes on the back of the high standing figures shared by the KHDA for the current academic year. This decision, announced by the Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau means they will conduct targeted quality assurance visits to monitor progress on improvement plans, supporting schools' development efforts.

Key statistics from the 2023-24 inspections include:

•    209 private schools inspected.
•    10 schools inspected for the first time.
•    19,782 classroom visits conducted.
•    4,407 hours of discussions with students, parents, and school leaders.
•    81% of students receive an education rated Good or higher.
•    83% of schools offer well-being provision rated Good or higher.

Dubai’s private schools continue to perform exceptionally well on the global stage, ranking sixth for literacy, in the top 10 for maths, and in the top 14 for science and reading. These results demonstrate the effectiveness of Dubai's educational strategies, benefiting nearly 49,500 students who now attend schools rated Good or higher.

With more focused quality assurance visits, Dubai aims to maintain and enhance its world-class educational standards.

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