UAE opens kidney dialysis centre in Comoros


The Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) has inaugurated the "Mother of the Nation Dialysis Centre" in Mohéli Island in the Union of Comoros.

The centre, located in the vicinity of Fomboni Hospital and the first of its kind on the island, consists of a ward of eight dialysis units, and a medical warehouse to provide approximately 5,000 sessions annually.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by President Azali Assoumani of Comoros and a delegation from the ERC, headed by Obaid Al Balushi, Director of the Relief and Disaster Preparedness Department.

President Assoumani expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the support that the UAE and the ERC provide in the service, development, and relief fields.

The President said the opening of the centre is a reflection of the UAE's commitment to supporting humanitarian causes around the world in accordance with an institutional work and a clear approach.

Obaid Al Balushi, stressed the ERC's keenness to monitor humanitarian needs globally to adopt projects that meet the need to alleviate the burden of human suffering, especially that caused by chronic diseases. This, he said, embodies the UAE's pioneering role in the fields of charitable and humanitarian work.

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