Dubai to issue 1,000 long-term cultural visas

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Dubai Culture and Arts Authority will soon grant cultural visas to 1,000 artists and creators from across the world.

The initiative, which was launched in 2019, aims to position the emirate as an incubator for creativity and a global hub for talent.

Since it was first announced, Dubai Culture received 261 applications from individuals from 46 nations.

A total of 120 applicants have met the criteria, with a majority of them already getting the visas.

The long-term cultural visa is granted for 10 years to accomplished creative talent in the fields of literature, culture, fine arts, performing arts, and design, as well as those in the heritage, history and knowledge-related sectors, in addition to intellectual and creative industries.

Applications are accepted if they meet terms and conditions and key criteria related to years of residency in the country, record of knowledge-related and creative achievements, and willingness to meet optional conditions and pledges for each category, including a pledge to contribute 36 hours of service to the community in the UAE in creative or artistic capacities, among others.

Visa holders can also automatically renew their visas without an Emirati sponsor.

Dubai Culture has signed an agreement with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) for issuing the visas.

"The long-term cultural visa provides talented people with a stable base in Dubai and contributes to enhancing the emirate’s growth by stimulating the creative economy. This will result in creating more jobs in the sector, especially as Dubai has a strong cultural foundation and diverse creative sectors that offer attractive opportunities to intellectuals and creative people," said Hala Badri, Director-General of Dubai Culture.

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