Abu Dhabi Ports to store and distribute over 70 million COVID-19 vaccines


As part of the Abu Dhabi-led Hope Consortium, Abu Dhabi Ports is playing a vital role in the global fight against COVID-19, using its enhanced logistics capabilities to showcase its commitment to the immunisation drive.

The 19,000 square meter temperature-controlled facility is a key asset of the Hope Consortium that cements the UAE capital's role as the major global distribution hub for vaccines.

The warehouse, located in KIZAD, is one of the region's largest pharmaceutical logistics facilities and is already housing more than one million vials of the vaccine.

The facility stores vaccines and other pharmaceutical products at a range of two to eight degrees Celsius, and can go down to -80 degrees.

It also follows international best practices and is consistent with all of Abu Dhabi's COVID-19 measures.

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