This mum's back to school routine is awesome


Who's happy the summer holidays are over?

One mother in the US is certainly overjoyed. 

Leslie Brooks has been posting back to school pictures since 2013. 

She has her own take on the traditional September photo and creates scenes celebrating the end of the long summer of kids at home.

Every year the pictures get more elaborate, from Leslie enjoying a deep tissue massage to lounging in the pool with her coffee and book in hand.

All while the kids look on with envious, and hilarious expressions.

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Thank you @msn

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Sadly today is the last day of summer at my house. I have to say, this summer has been one of my favorites. The season of having really young kids has passed. No more waking up at the ungodly hour of 6am on a summer day. No more constantly needing something ALL DAY LONG. In fact, I had to wake the girls up most days! We had some awesome vacations and just spent the summer relaxing and enjoying each other. Tomorrow all 3 kids have to start new schools because of redistricting. Waking up early and homework will be the norm. I know they’ll be just fine, but this mama worries and is hoping they fit right in and enjoy their new journeys. All that being better believe we will be posting our annual “Mom’s 1st day of school” pic. I kind of wasn’t into it this year (because of all of the above) but the kids are super excited about it. I’m glad this has become a fun tradition for us. In preparation, here are the last several years.

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