Dubai Police showcases 12 eco-friendly projects at COP28

Dubai Police

From the world's first-of-its-kind initiative zero-carbon force to eco-friendly bullets, the Dubai Police has showcased 12 green projects at COP28, as part of its commitment to zero emissions by 2030.

The force syncs with Dubai's vision of establishing a green economy and promoting sustainable development, top officers highlighted, adding that it aims to implement sustainable practices and introduce innovative initiatives within the security and policing sector.

It also included the iServe project, which focuses on sustainable transportation and clean energy and the Wastewater-Based Epidemiological Monitoring initiative that analyses data and information obtained from the sewage system as early indicators of infectious diseases.

Dubai's Resilient Programme, aimed at bolstering the city's capacity to anticipate and address risks, particularly those associated with climate change, future threats, emergencies, and crises also forms 

The projects also included an eco-friendly smart boat (Haddad), Carbon Footprint Tracking for Crime prevention, Sustainable Disposal methods for explosives and Smart Stable, among others.

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