COP28 presidency wants 'historic' mention of fossil fuels in text, up to nations


COP28 Director General Majid Al Suwaidi said on Tuesday the summit's presidency wanted to include a "historic" mention on the future of fossil fuels in the next draft text for a deal, but it was up to the almost 200 nations to agree at the talks.

Speaking to journalists, Al Suwaidi said that draft was always intended to "spark conversations".

He said the COP28 presidency now knew the countries' "red lines", and would draft another text to include "all the elements we need for a comprehensive plan to 2030".

"At this COP we are trying to do something that has never been done before, something historic ... Part of this is to include fossil fuels in the text. If we can, that would be historic," he said.

Referring to the state of negotiations, he said: "Many issues remain open and that is normal at this stage."

He said the draft text released on Monday to outrage among some developed countries and small island states was meant to be a starting point for discussions, "and that's what's happened" - leading to almost all-night talks.

"By releasing our first draft of the text, we got parties to come to us quickly with those red lines," he said.

"We spent last night talking, taking in that feedback and that has put us in the position to draft a new text."

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