UAE health ministry issues post-rainfall precautions

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The UAE's Ministry of Health and Community Protection has issued crucial warnings to residents after several parts of the country continue to be flooded after the record-breaking rainfall hit last week.

In a social media post, the ministry listed a series of safety measures to keep in mind to safeguard public health and safety.

Protect against mosquitoes: Wear long-sleeved clothing and use mosquito-repellent creams.

Clear water-logged areas: Take proactive steps to clear areas where water has accumulated, secure entrances, and install window screens to prevent mosquitoes from entering.

Clean and ventilate: Regularly clean the house and furniture, using gloves, long clothing, and masks to prevent moisture and mold. Maintain good ventilation by opening windows.

Prevent waterborne diseases: Avoid playing or swimming in stagnant water, as it can be a source of pollution. Ensure drains and sewage systems are unblocked to prevent water stagnation.

Ensure hygiene and safety: Maintain the cleanliness of drinking water and food to prevent contamination. Seek medical advice promptly if experiencing worrying symptoms.

Exercise caution: Avoid touching fallen objects and dangling electrical wires, and keep first aid supplies readily available at home.

Healthy living: Incorporate a balanced diet by consuming five servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Refrain from unhealthy snacks to prevent digestive issues, and engage in home exercises to stay active and healthy.


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