UAE highlights contributions to global COVID recovery efforts

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The UAE highlighted its ongoing efforts to help countries around the world recover from the COVID-19 pandemic during the 60th session of the United Nations’ Commission for Social Development.

COVID-19 assistance that the UAE has provided includes more than 2,000 tonnes of supplies and nearly 200 medical assistance flights sent to 135 countries.

The UAE’s statement was delivered by Hessa bint Essa Buhumaid, Minister of Community Development during the Commission’s general discussion.

She said, "The global pandemic continues to cast a shadow over our society and the lives and livelihoods of many around the world, but the UAE and its government have been pioneers in dealing with the pandemic and its repercussions at the international level."

"The UAE looks forward to sharing its experience and best practices with the international community to ensure that our recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic is a comprehensive and sustainable process. While we will focus on the international community’s recovery from the impacts of this pandemic, we can also leave communities more prepared for future generations," Buhumaid added.

The UAE has provided 196 medical assistance flights and has established field hospitals and clinics in Sudan, Guinea, Mauritania, Sierra Leone, Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkmenistan during the pandemic.

COVID-19 assistance was sent to 117 countries from the International Humanitarian City in Dubai, while the UAE also donated US$10 million to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

In her remarks, Minister Buhumaid also highlighted the UAE government’s domestic response to the pandemic, which included numerous reforms aimed at making the government more agile with faster decision-making capabilities.

The UAE reiterated its support for the Sustainable Development Goals and pointed out how it is providing high-quality educational services, creating job opportunities within its knowledge-based economy, and attracting innovation and talent.

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