Expo 2020 Dubai approaches 15 million mark

Buoyed by global crowd-pleasers such as Coldplay at Al Wasl Plaza last week, Expo 2020 Dubai is on target to hit the 15 million total visit mark later this week.

And with many more headline-grabbing names still to be announced over the coming weeks, those numbers are set to accelerate further.

Total visitation numbers stood at 14,719,277 on February 21, days after Coldplay’s unforgettable concert as part of Expo 2020 Dubai’s Infinite Nights Series.

With less than 40 days to go, scores of people have realised it’s now or never until it’s gone forever, with domestic visits surging 128 per cent in the past six weeks, and international visitation up 19 per cent, primarily thanks to the popularity of the new AED 50 Season Finale Pass.

Expo 2020 Dubai’s virtual visitation numbers have also reached 145 million, driven by the diverse entertainment available via Live@Expo, as well as extensive coverage of Expo 2020 Dubai's Programme for People and Planet and the live-streaming of Coldplay.

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