Eight sailors rescued after collision with cargo ship in Dubai

Dubai Police

In a late-night operation, Dubai Police, through its Ports Police Station and Air Wing Centre, successfully rescued eight sailors after their fishing boat collided with a commercial cargo ship.

The collision resulted in the boat being wrecked and led to three of the crew members being injured. They were immediately airlifted to Rashid Hospital in Dubai for treatment.

Brigadier Dr Hassan Suhail Al Suwaidi, Director of the Ports Police Station, reported that the incident occurred late at night when a commercial cargo vessel hit the fishing boat heading towards Dubai's fish market waterfront.

"The impact forced the boat to drift two nautical miles before the cargo ship stopped, causing the fishing vessel to break apart. Three sailors sustained various injuries and were promptly transported by the Dubai Police Air Wing to Rashid Hospital, while marine rescue teams rescued the remaining five sailors.

"The cargo ship, due to its massive size, could not enter the port. Our marine rescue boats swiftly evacuated the sailors from the vessel and transferred them to the station despite challenging weather conditions and high waves caused by strong winds," added Al Suwaidi.

He also warned sea-goers about neglecting weather alerts, especially during this time of year when sea conditions can change rapidly, increasing the risk of accidents and potential drowning, particularly for those who are not strong swimmers or underestimate these dangers.

Al Suwaidi encouraged ship and boat captains to register for the Sail Safely service available on the Dubai Police app. The feature allows them to input their voyage plan and expected destinations, facilitating emergency assistance and location tracking if needed. He emphasised that the service includes an SOS button for immediate distress signals.

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