Prince Harry accepts substantial settlement in phone hacking case

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Prince Harry has settled his phone hacking case against Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) and will receive a “substantial” payout, his lawyer told the High Court in London.

The Duke of Sussex will have his legal costs paid for by MGN, with a starting payment of £400,000 (1,855,918 AED).

The settlement is in relation to unlawful intrusion claims on 115 stories, having previously been awarded £140,600 (652,355 AED) in damages after winning 15 claims against MGN in December last year.

In a statement, the publisher said it was pleased to have reached an agreement and apologised for “historical wrongdoing”. 

Prince Harry’s claim included 33 articles which were examined during last year’s trial, 15 of which were found to have come from the unlawful gathering of information. 

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