North Korean media silent on Kim Jong-Un's whereabouts

Jung Yeon-je / AFP

North Korean media did not issue any clarification on leader Kim Jong-Un's health on Wednesday, despite several reports claiming he's "gravely ill".

Instead, they continued to carry routine reports on their leader and published his earlier quotes on the economy.

As usual Kim's name was plastered all over the local press, but there was no mention of his whereabouts.

Speculation about Kim's health first rose after he skipped a key anniversary event this month, with South Korean and US media reports suggesting he's in "grave danger" following a surgery.

The reports, however, have been dismissed by South Korean and Chinese officials, with the White House adding that they are closely monitoring the situation.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump said the reports had not been confirmed, but he "hoped" the North Korean leader was doing "fine".

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