Munich airport faces delays after climate activists breach runway

AFP / Michaela Stache

German police arrested eight climate activists who breached the grounds of Munich airport on Saturday, causing it to briefly close and leading to around 60 flight cancellations during a busy holiday weekend.

Six of the activists glued themselves to a runway, a police spokesperson said, adding the situation was now under control, with both of the airport's runways open for arrivals and takeoffs.

Climate group Last Generation, which has carried out similar protests in the past, said it was responsible for the action in a series of posts on X showing members on what appeared to be a runway or tarmac with protest signs.

"A total of six people are sitting in two groups at different locations in the Munich airport," one of the posts said.

One of the signs read: "The problem is the government, not our holiday".

The group didn't immediately respond to a call or email seeking comment.

An airport spokesperson said the airport had been fully closed to takeoffs and landings for nearly two hours. Some 11 flights had been diverted, around 60 had been cancelled, and delays were still possible, the person said.

The disruption occurred during one of the busiest travel periods for the airport in southern Germany, second only to the Easter holidays, according to the airport.

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