Kim Jong-Un is alive and well, says South Korea


South Korea has downplayed rumours around Kim Jong-Un's health, claiming the North Korean leader is "alive and well".

That's according to a special adviser on national security to the South Korean president Moon Jae-in, who told CNN that their intelligence showed that Kim had been staying in the resort town of Wonsan since April 13 and "no suspicious movements have so far been detected".

It comes just days after satellite images showed a special train possibly belonging to Kim at Wonsan.

There has been immense media attention on Kim's health and whereabouts after he skipped a few national events since mid-April.

Some media reports claimed he underwent a cardiovascular surgery, while others hinted that he was in isolation to avoid exposure to the new coronavirus.

Meanwhile, North Korean state media once again showed no new photos of Kim nor reported on his whereabouts, but carried his message for workers building a tourist resort in Wonsan. 

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