Israel's plan to attack Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip raises concern

AFP / Said Khatib

Israel's plan to attack Rafah, the last refuge for those displaced by the war in the Gaza Strip, raises concern, adding that this will have disastrous repercussions, according to European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell.

Borrell wrote on the X platform that "information about an Israeli military attack on Rafah raises concerns," adding that "this matter will have catastrophic repercussions, exacerbating the already catastrophic humanitarian situation, in addition to unbearable losses among civilians."

He added, "1.4 million Palestinians are currently in Rafah, without a safe place to go, facing hunger."

On Friday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered his army to prepare a "plan to evacuate" civilians from Rafah, with the United States and the United Nations fearing a possible attack on this city, the last refuge for those displaced from the war in the Gaza Strip.

More than four months after the outbreak of war between Israel and Hamas on October 7, attention is turning to Rafah, near the border with Egypt, which houses more than a million displaced people who fled the destruction and battles in the rest of the besieged areas of the Strip.

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