India to supply COVID-19 vaccine to Oman

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India is to gift 100,000 doses of vaccine against COVID-19 infections to Oman, the Spokesman of the Ministry of External Affairs here, Anurag Srivastava, said.

The vaccine consignment would reach Oman "over the next few days," Srivastava said. India today dispatched a similar gift of 100,000 doses of anti-COVID-19 vaccine to Bahrain, the official said.

"We plan to gift further quantities of vaccine to CARICOM countries, Nicaragua and Pacific Island states," he added.

Commercial exports of the vaccine have reached Brazil and Bangladesh.

"Further supplies on a commercial basis are to take place to South Africa, Canada and Mongolia. India is also going to supply 10 million doses to Africa and one million doses to UN health workers under GAVI’s COVAX facility."

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