UAE ranks second globally for business skills

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The UAE ranks 1st in the MENA region and 2nd globally in overall business skills, only after Luxembourg.

That's according to the online education provider Coursera's Global Skills Report 2021.

This year’s study assessed the skills proficiency across business, technology, and data science for over 100 countries.

It draws on performance data since the pandemic's onset from more than 77 million learners on the platform.

Communication, entrepreneurship, leadership & management, and strategy & operations are areas where UAE learners are placed within the top 97 percentile or higher in business skills.

There has also been an increase in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) course enrollments by women in the UAE.

While UAE’s overall business skills proficiency ranks near the top of the list globally, technology and data science skills represent areas for continued growth.

With the UAE government’s prioritisation of digital transformation as a driver of national development and economic advancement, the Global Skills Report highlights a significant opportunity for UAE professionals to upskill in these fields.

"In recent years, the UAE government has implemented numerous initiatives, aimed at promoting a skills-based economy. These are having a positive impact on the economy as evidenced by the UAE’s business leadership position in our rankings," said Anthony Tattersall, Coursera Vice President of EMEA.

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