Dubai to host Asia Pacific Cities Summit

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Expo City Dubai has been selected to host the Asia Pacific Cities Summit and Mayors Forum 2025, marking the first time the global gathering will take place in the Middle East.

Scheduled from October 27-29, 2025, at the Dubai Exhibition Centre, the event will bring together mayors, city leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts from Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.

The summit, initiated by the Brisbane City Council of Australia, aims to foster sustainable urban development, business opportunities, and collaboration among cities worldwide.

Expo City Dubai, known for its role in hosting major international events such as Expo 2020 Dubai and COP28, views the summit as a strategic platform to further its commitment to innovation, knowledge sharing, and economic growth.

Her Excellency Reem bint Ibrahim Al Hashemi, CEO of Dubai Expo City Authority, highlighted Expo City Dubai's role as a hub for cooperation and sustainable growth, emphasising its selection over other global cities to host the event. 

His Excellency Abdullah Mohammed Al Basti, Secretary-General of the Executive Council of Dubai, underscored Dubai's dedication to smart and sustainable urban planning, positioning the city as a catalyst for investment and community well-being.

The Asia Pacific Cities Summit, founded 28 years ago, has grown into an important event promoting economic collaboration and urban innovation across the Asia-Pacific region. With past editions hosted in cities like Brisbane, Seattle, and Incheon, the summit represents a platform for cities to showcase projects, exchange ideas, and drive positive development.

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