Dubai's cultural scene gets highest rating in region


A new survey has revealed Dubai's cultural scene is booming.

Ninty-five per cent of respondents were in agreement that Dubai's creative sector is the most vibrant, the highest rating in the region, according to the study commissioned by the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority.

It looked at perceptions of Dubai's creative sector among UAE-based arts and culture professionals and consumers in comparison to other nearby countries.

Eight-two per cent of consumers favour Dubai’s homegrown culture and arts production to their home countries, while 90 per cent are highly engaged in local culture and arts activities.

Seventy-six per cent of Dubai-based art and culture professionals and 60 per cent of art and culture professionals based in other emirates agree that Dubai’s ecosystem has developed enough for the creative sector to flourish, which marks the progress of the emirate in recent years.

The survey was conducted online, in English and Arabic, among 100 UAE residents who work in the creative sector across the different emirates, and 200 UAE residents.

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