31% of GCC workers will look for new jobs in 2024, says report

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Thirty-one per cent of professionals working in the GCC are planning to change companies in 2024, as the job market gets set to grow, a new report finds.

According to statistics from Hays Middle East's GCC Salary Guide 2024, a lack of career development opportunities is the number one reason why people are looking to leave their company this year. This is despite 78 per cent of employers in the Gulf region predicting that salaries in their organisation will increase this year.

The guide also reveals that 41 per cent of employers say there are more candidates applying for jobs than in the past, which has highlighted a significant shortage of skilled professionals. 

To raise the competency bar and then keep their best people, organisations will need to invest in employee training and retention programmes, along with recruiting talent currently in possession of the skills they need.

The report indicates that employers in the Gulf region are divided on the use of AI technologies or tools in the workplace, with less than half (41 per cent) recommending its use. Most employers say there has been no significant impact on employment due to AI and just 14 per cent of employers say they are offering upskilling or reskilling AI training programmes to employees.

The guide provides comprehensive salary data for almost 400 roles across 11 professions in the region, with the latest labour market trends based on expert insights and the analysis of a survey of over 2,300 employers and working professionals.

Despite global adversities, the labour market in the Gulf region is thriving and all signs point to further growth. The findings in the guide confirm this, with 67 per cent of employers wanting to grow their organisation’s headcount this year.

The GCC Salary Guide 2024 provides salary data for almost 400 roles and insights into the workforce trends shaping the region.

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