ADCCI signs cooperation agreement with Angola-UAE Chamber


The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ADCCI) signed a cooperation agreement with the Angola-UAE Chamber of Commerce to foster cooperation and enhance economic relations.

The agreement will create more investment opportunities for businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and investors in both countries.

The agreement was signed by Ahmed Khalifa Al Qubaisi, CEO of the Abu Dhabi Chamber, and Bráulio Mohammed Martins, President of the Angola-UAE Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in the presence of Julio Belarmino Gomes Maiato, Ambassador of the Republic of Angola to the UAE, and Masood Rahma Al Masaood, Treasurer of the Abu Dhabi Chamber, along several representatives of both sides.

On signing the agreement, Al Qubaisi said, “Our partnership with the Angola-UAE Chamber of Commerce and Industry aligns with our goals to strengthen cooperation between the Abu Dhabi and Angolan business communities and to enhance trade between the two sides. The agreement also supports our efforts to provide more investment opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesspeople at both local and international levels.”

“This partnership is part of our strategy to actively contribute to enhancing the investment ecosystem in Abu Dhabi and increasing its competitiveness to attract foreign direct investments,” he added.

Bráulio Mohammed Martins, President of the Angola-UAE Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that this cooperation is a resounding echo that further validates both nations as the foremost example of UAE-Africa relations, adding that business communities in both Angola and the UAE now have a powerful mechanism to promote, facilitate and execute economic and commercial cooperation.

“In addition to fostering a favourable business environment, the agreement promotes the establishment of creative and experimental joint venture initiatives and engagement designed to intensify the commitment to sustainability in both nations as well as improve quality of life,” Bráulio Mohammed Martins added.

Under the agreement, the two parties will collaborate to support Abu Dhabi Business Connect, the ADCCI’s business connectivity platform, by regularly providing information and investment opportunities.

They will also promote the platform to their respective members to facilitate knowledge exchange and enhance trade and investment opportunities between Abu Dhabi and Angola.

The cooperation agreement supports both sides’ efforts to conduct joint studies and exchange economic data on investment opportunities.

Additionally, it seeks to facilitate the participation of both sides in international events, exhibitions, and commercial activities held in Abu Dhabi or Angola.

According to the agreement, the activities of the two parties and their affiliated establishments will be promoted and marketed among members of both chambers.

This includes promoting, supporting, and increasing investment opportunities across various economic sectors as well as exchanging trade delegations, participating in official missions, and organising joint events that benefit the business sectors in both countries.

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