UN adopts 'Abu Dhabi' principles on unmanned aircraft


The Counter-Terrorism Committee (CTC) of the UN Security Council has adopted the "Abu Dhabi Guiding Principles" that address the challenges posed by the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) for terrorist purposes.

The document is the first of its kind at the United Nations to address the increasing challenges posed by UAS in the context of counter-terrorism.

It consists of four guiding principles, each focusing on a different aspect: the integration of UAS threats into national counter-terrorism strategies and establishment of legal frameworks; increased understanding and awareness of UAS threats; developing measures to detect, identify, deter, and respond to UAS threats; and capacity development and information exchange to promote international cooperation.

Within the framework of the Delhi Declaration on Countering the Use of New and Emerging Technologies for Terrorist Purposes, the CTC took the lead in developing the non-binding guiding principles, recognising the urgent need to counter the evolving threat posed by the use of new and emerging technologies for terrorist activities.

As the current chair of the CTC, the UAE facilitated the initiative, reflecting its commitment to global peace and security.

“In today’s constantly shifting technological landscape, the historic adoption of the Abu Dhabi Guiding Principles is a crucial step for the UN towards countering terrorist acquisition and use of UAS through strategies like enhanced cooperation and capacity building," stated Lana Nusseibeh, Permanent Representative of the UAE’s Permanent Mission to the UN.

“As part of a comprehensive approach, it will fundamentally enhance the capabilities of Member States and stakeholders to facilitate the detection, identification, deterrence, and response to such threats.”

The United Arab Emirates will continue to collaborate with the international community to promote and implement the Abu Dhabi Guiding Principles, reinforcing collective efforts to safeguard global security and counter the use of unmanned aircraft systems for terrorist activities.

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