UAE's AlHosn app gets major upgrade


The UAE's health authorities have launched an updated version of AlHosn app, which now provides easy access to children's vaccination records.

The upgraded application includes comprehensive vaccination details for children from birth till the age of 18.

According to the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP), the move will play a crucial role in achieving a higher percentage of child vaccination coverage nationwide, which is a vital metric in assessing the nation's health strategy.

It's also set to boost the effectiveness of preventive measures against communicable diseases, utilising the latest advancements in digital technology.

The enhanced application, hosted on the national cloud, is a collaborative effort with "Riayati" digital platform, an integral component of the National Unified Medical Record (NUMR).

Dr. Hussain Al Rand, Assistant Under-Secretary for Public Health at MoHAP emphasised that the recent update to Al Hosn app marks a significant stride in the smart transformation journey of the UAE’s health sector.

"The UAE government is committed to leveraging smart technologies and applications to create varied communication avenues with community members in order to ensure optimal health coverage and sustain high vaccination rates. Vaccinations play a vital role in safeguarding children's health and reinforcing community immunity," he added.

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