UAE steps up food distribution drive in Rafah

WAM [File picture]

The Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) is continuing its drive to distribute food parcels in Gaza's Rafah Governorate, as part of the UAE's 'Gallant Knight 3' humanitarian operation to support the people of Palestine.

A total of 2,604 food packages were delivered to 15,744 beneficiaries in the latest phase of operations.

Relief teams distributed 400 parcels in the Saudi neighbourhood, 550 in the Bahr Al-Mawasi area, 700 in Tal al-Sultan, 550 in the Canada camp, and 400 parcels in Al Salam neighbourhood.

The latest humanitarian drive also included the installation of 25 tents in Rafah Tal Al-Sultan, west of the city of Khaled bin Al-Walid district, for 150  people.

The beneficiaries expressed their thanks and appreciation to the UAE's leadership and people for their humanitarian support.

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