UAE responds to Sudan allegations

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The UAE sent a letter to the UN Security Council, conclusively discrediting the false allegations made by the Sudanese representative against the nation.

In response to a letter from the representative of Sudan to the UN security council on June 10, the UAE said it strongly refutes what it perceives as mischaracterisations and fabrications. 

The UAE expresses continued support for efforts to de-escalate tensions in Sudan, including implementing a ceasefire, and promoting negotiations for a legitimate, inclusive government.

The UAE emphasises grave concerns over the humanitarian impact of the Sudanese conflict, highlighting issues such as sexual violence, attacks on civilians, recruitment of children, and the risk of famine. 

It calls on all parties to adhere to international humanitarian law, protect civilians, and facilitate humanitarian aid deliveries.

The UAE denies allegations regarding Emirati passport holders allegedly involved in the conflict, asserting that the individuals were part of a humanitarian delegation and condemning the misuse of their images.

The letter also mentions disputes over photographic evidence of military equipment are addressed, with the UAE rejecting claims of supplying arms during the conflict and asserting that prior military assistance was conducted legally and in coordination with Sudan's government. 

The UAE dismisses claims related to outdated civilian phones depicted in the letter, arguing they lack relevance to military allegations.

The UAE reiterates its commitment to supporting peace efforts in Sudan and urges increased international aid and diplomatic support.

It condemns what it views as misleading representations by the Sudanese representative and calls for constructive engagement to resolve the crisis.

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