UAE reiterates need for diplomatic solution in Gaza


In a statement on an International Court of Justice report, the UAE has emphasised that the only way to restore calm in Gaza is through diplomatic efforts.

Stressing the need for an immediate and sustainable ceasefire in Gaza, the statement added that every delay means more casualties and destruction, and threatens to expand the scope of the conflict in the region.

It also highlighted the important role played by the Court in resolving disputes and maintaining international peace and security and warned of the serious repercussions of non-compliance with international law and its provisions issued by the UN and official bodies on international peace and security.

The UAE expressed its appreciation of the International Court of Justice, its President, and all judges and employees, for their contributions to settling international disputes to maintain international peace and security.

In other developments, G7 foreign ministers have discussed how to revitalise peace efforts in the Middle East, with talks continuing on Wednesday.

The group's foreign ministers prepare to hold virtual talks with Kyiv during a meeting in Tokyo - where G7 nations - as well as the European Union, are meeting to discuss issues including Russia's war in Ukraine and the Israel-Gaza crisis.

They've said that G7 support for Ukraine in its war with Russia will not be affected by the intensifying Middle East conflict.

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