UAE launches World Fire Emission Reduction Alliance


The UAE is leading the establishment of a global coalition to reduce carbon emissions from fires.

The Ministry of Interior, represented by the General Directorate of Civil Defence in Dubai, has signed agreements with national and international firefighting entities, to establish the 'World Fire Emission Reduction Alliance'.

The launch of the alliance was officially announced during COP28 at a conference titled ‘Eco Readiness’, focused on exploring strategies to strengthen international collaboration and coordination to combat fires, with a special emphasis on addressing their environmental consequences.

This initiative aims to reduce emissions resulting from fires by 80 per cent globally by 2050.

The signatories collectively represent over 56 countries dedicated to reinforcing security, disaster prevention and the well-being of communities worldwide.

The programme serves as a centralised platform for a global fire incident database, engaging major firefighting organisations worldwide.

It conducts detailed analysis to determine carbon emissions resulting from fire incidents across different continents.

The alliance seeks to contribute to collaborative efforts worldwide to mitigate the adverse impact of climate change, under the umbrella of the International Climate Change Law Enforcement (I2LEC) initiative and in line with the objectives of COP28.

In a collaborative effort with the private sector, the Dubai Civil Defence has also launched the ‘Heat Map of Environmental Crimes’, an innovative project that provides detailed insights into the characteristics, patterns and data related to environmental crimes.

It plays a crucial role in drawing connections between various crimes and climate change, thereby facilitating improved information and data exchange between countries and operational entities.

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