UAE Embassy in Paris hosts Interfaith Iftar


The UAE embassy in Paris has held an interfaith Iftar to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan, Easter and Passover.

Hend Al Otaiba, UAE Ambassador to France convened the event to further deepen French-Emirati ties.

The Iftar brought together representatives of the different religious communities established in France, including Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and Sikhism - to break the fast together.

The event featured a panel discussion, which focused on interfaith dialogue and peaceful coexistence.

"By building on mutual understanding, coexistence and respect for human dignity, we can achieve many miracles" said Hend Al Otaiba. "The UAE has shown, through major milestones such as the Abraham Accords, that its model of religious pluralism and tolerance makes it a haven of peace in a region known for its conflicts. We are deeply committed to the promotion of tolerance and peaceful, interfaith coexistence, in the UAE, in France, and throughout the world."

Imam Chems-Eddine Hafiz, Rector of the Grand Mosque of Paris, said, "To present the current dialogue between people of different faiths from tumbling into ignorance, concern and confrontation, the UAE, through its many actions, is enabling the search for a brotherhood between believers of different religions that is solidly rooted in the spiritual, ethical and humanistic values which the UAE represents."

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